About Me

I am a Mom of three beautiful girls, a wife of a loving husband, a daughter of goodly parents, a sister, friend, and a business owner to name a few.  I spend most of my days with my girls, cooking, cleaning, driving, managing our chiropractic office and when I find the time I help the girls with thier girl accesories business and fit in a photo shoot here and there.  Overall my life has its manicness to it.  There are the highs and the lows.  Here on this blog is where I can write my journey down, mostly for me to write my life through, but also to share with all of you.  I do this partly so you can catch a glimpse into my day but also becuase maybe there is in someway I can help.  I am always inspired by other mom's out there in the blogger world and although we think we can do it all-- we can't but we sure do kill ourselves trying!!! I would hope that I am not the only one who has those crazy days where all you want to do is pretend that life is not happening around you and then realizing how guilty you feel when it did and you missed it.  Here I will try not to miss anything and try to write it all down.  Hopefully someday someone will find it worth while!!