Wednesday, June 14

Aaaagggghhhhh... I detest finals!!!!! Brandon's stressed, I am crabby because he is not around and the girls are not only picking up on both the stress and the moodiness but they are sick with runny noses and yucky cough. It is the wonderful cycle that we live here in the Bradford home every 11 weeks. If we can just get through today, Brandon only has one final tomorrow and then we are free of school for three weeks. Yeah right, because of state chiropractic boards next quarter, Brandon is devoting time throughout the break to study, great for him, but will we ever just take a moment to breathe. Luckily I got a small break from the home chaos last night at my dear friend Becky's baby shower, Thanks for Hillary opening up her home to all of us crazy girlies, I was able to just hang out, that was until my two adorable girls woke up, and by the way I was up until 11 with them last night. Needless to say, I am tired a frumpy today.

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