Tuesday, August 8

The Morning Stroll

This morning I thought I would be adventurous, since I have not made it to the gym yet this week, and take the girls for a jog to the park. I thought we would all get a work out. I did, but the girls have soooooo much energy I seriously think they could go on and on and on. We had fun on our walk, across the bridge (London thought that was cool, she wanted to race me and of course she won), the girls had fun playing at the park, they had free reign, it must have been to early for everyone. We will have to do it again.


Michelle Blanchard said...

They are too dang cute. What do I have to go through to teach you to not go any where alone. Plus don't you think the words river and bridge sound scary? New rule...Go in twos!

Nette said...

Nelle the girls are so cute. Blogging is fun. I love getting to the parks when no one else is there. My kids enjoy it more. Give my nieces big hugs and kisses. I can't belive the girls are one. Zoe takes about 5 steps and falls down. I am so excited to be out of the baby stages.