Tuesday, August 15

School Work

Ok, so I remembered today why I am glad that I am a mother, wife, sister, friend, and not a student. I helped Brandon work on his business plan for this quarter in school. Along with his classes and midterms and board reviews when does he have the time to sit and research demographics and business plans. That is where I come in. The last two nights I have sat on the computer researching the demographics of cities in Utah. Well I am happy to say that I got enough information to produce a Market/Target paper for Brandon. This is only one section of the report, there is more to come, which for me means, more time on the computer and phone digging up some research. If all of you are wondering where I am these days and why I am not at enrichment, girls night out or visiting the new mothers at the hospital it is becuase I finally have my girls going to bed at 8 pm so that I can have time to myslef.....just kidding so that I can write papers.


Hilary said...

Someday you'll be able to scrapbook during that time, singing to yourself how you're a rich doctor's wife. :)

Brit said...

Can you imagine what single students do? Brandon sure has a great wife!

Carly said...

I used to help Nate with time consuming school projects every once in a while too. Gotta love it!