Sunday, September 17

Some time with my Hubby

So my bestfriend from highschool is getting married today. Last night we had a great night out at the rehearsal dinner. Brandon finished his boards around noon and then he and I got ready and drove forever for a poolside crab feed. It was fun and Brandon got to eat crab and celebrate completing boards (just have to wait six weeks to see how it all really went). I had a blast hanging out with friends (the wedding party) and spending time with my hubby without my kids (thanks mom).


Brit said...

poolside crab feed with the hubster...priceless! I'm sure the moments to yourselves come few and far between, but oh so needed! Looks like tons of fun, you look so cute too!

Hilary said...

MAN, that sounds like a GOOD evening! Congrats on the date night. You guys need to come out with us more often. :)