Friday, September 22

Yummy Yummy

SO this morning I spoiled the girls with waffles, stawberries and coolwhip (don't worry Sid's is only for the photo op and London captured a great pic of my coolwhip mustache). It was yummy but London wanted to take one to the airport and have Niki pick it up so she couls take it to her dad. She thinks of the best ideas!!! And congrats to Sid for getting another tooth. It is officially broke through but I think she is not done yet, I think there is more to come. She is a little loopy today from the tylenol night we had last night to break her fever. Overall she did good, she is such an easy baby. Yeah for that!!!


JaY said...

I have to practice leaving comments. The girls are too cute in these pics. Did London take the pic of you? If so she's getting really good with that camera.

Anonymous said...

so cute. UpdATE !! I wanted to show the kids how kronk ate syders piggys

Michelle Blanchard said...

You are such a cute mom!