Monday, October 30

Halloween Costumes

Here are some pics from the church Halloween party and then some other pics of our friends great costumes. We had lots of fun even though we have all been feeling under the weather, especially little Sid, you can tell from the pics that she does not feel well. I took her to the doc on Sunday and she has an eye infection from rubbing her snot into her eyes while sleeping, I know it is gross, but what can you do. She is getting a little better thought, we have an antibiotic cream that we are putting into her eyes to help. Lokk forward to pumpkin carving pics and trunk or treating pics to come in the next few days.


Aub said...

Cute! Riley laughed when he saw Brandon as the beast. Very creative Janelle.

Michelle Blanchard said...

I love the pics. Cutest family goes to you guys. Londons poses are priceless! Poor little Sid. That is kind of funny though. I will be extra careful not to get my snot in my eyes. He he

Andy & Angie Wycherly said...

Brandon, You make one awsome beast!!! I wanted to cry when I saw you at the ward party.....I miss SJ.