Sunday, October 15

Search for the Great Pumplin

So after the baby shower, we met up with my lil sis and her family. We all ventured over to our favorite pumpkin patch in Sunnyvale/Mountain View. The kids had a blast rumaging through the pumpkins to find thier very own. London found hers right away, Sydney did not care too much to pick one up she just liked walking through them and giving them little pats. My niece Haiden found the perfect size pumpkin for her, but she thought it was a basketball and kept picking it up and tossing it. We checked out all the farm animals, took a train ride and ran around with the girls in the Hay maze. Overall it was a fun family day and there were lots of photo ops, oh yeah and free cookies if you purchase your pumpkins. Check out the pics below in my Pumpkin Patch video montage.


Michelle Blanchard said...

You r such a cute fam. I looove this song. It just gets to ya, perfect for a family picture montage.

Hilary said...

LOVE the montage.
I always dress my kids in blue when we go to the pumpkin patch -- totally makes them pop. :)
Yes, I am a loser... :)

Anonymous said...

fun day! ethan and i loved the song (he was rocking out!).

miranda said...

Loved the video, it looks like you guys had a great time. What a cute family.