Saturday, November 25

Holiday Fun

We enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday with our family and friends. THe family all took turns taking family photos of one another. London and Sydney had fun dressing up in thier Pilgrim and Indian costumes for the Feast at Grandma's. The day after we went with Jay and Conan Tree hunting. We found a great farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We hiked around the hill until we found our tree. Brandon cut it down and then London helped him drag it in. We got it home that day and even got it decorated. We laugh at it now that we have it home with the lights and ornaments on it, it reminds us a little of a charlie brown tree (it has some holes in it, but what are you to do when your three year old finds the perfect tree). ALl in all we are ready for the Holiday season, shopping is almost done, the decorations are up, and the spirit of the season has arrived. Just got to get throught the next three weeks of school. (on a sidenote, look forward to a new header and then probably a hold on posting since it seems that our camera went caput while we were out tree hutning, I cannot figure what went wrong with it, I have to take it in and see what they say, has anyone experienced their camera not turning on, I checked the batteries and that is not the problem, let me know)


JaY said...

Love it! I spent all day blogging and contracting away. I can't wait to see what cute christmas pics you come home with. That is if your camara starts to work again.

Hilary said...

Looks like a fun day! Love the family picture... from above is always a flattering angle. :)
As far as the camera, I have NO idea, but I am very sad for you. I took mine to wolf camera once when it wouldn't turn on... it was about 120 bucks to fix it... didn't take long though.
{sigh} that sucks.

Michelle Blanchard said...

Really cute. Did u see all the good trees were already potted at the bottom of the hill?!

Nette said...

Clean all around your camera. sometimes dirt gets in small cracks and stuff. It has happened to me several times and it just needs to be cleaned.

Love the family pics.

Miranda said...

Loved the family pics, so cute. And the pictures of Jay are beautiful as well. So talented!