Wednesday, November 1

Preschool Party & Trunk or Treat

SO here is the last pics of the Halloween Bonanza. Yesturday was the preschool Halloween party. The kids got to wear thier costumes and go on a parade around the elementary school. They made spider headbands and magic wands. Ms. Jevons also taught the kids about Halloween safety and manners. Later we went to a carnival at the school London got to play games and win prizes. She thought it was cool to use her quarter to purchase tickets and then hand the tickets to play games. She thought she was a little grown up. Then we went truck or treating. Lodon, Sid and I decorated the trunk and then the girls (London, Sydney was busy eating a tootsie roll wrapper and all) helped me pass out candy, once it was gone, there were lots of trunk to go to, so we made one lap and got tons of candy. Let's just say with all the festivities of the day, the girls crashed out by the time we got home. One other thing that is funny is that when we opened London's pumpkin to get the seeds out, half of the seeds were already growing, so we planted most of them outside and then a few inside this little cup to see what would happen, and look it is totally growing.


Aub said...

It's funny how exhausting this month has been with all the festivities going on. Riley was pooped by the end of the day too.

Hilary said...

The seeds were growing inside the pumpkin?
Did you know your words are in black? Are you just trying to be tricky?
Good holiday though!

Michelle Blanchard said...

Now u r like me always trying to fix my blog! JK. They looked so cute and so tired by the end.