Thursday, November 16

Thanksgiving Feast

Here is London's preschool class dressed as American Indians to thier Thanksgiving feast with the Pilgrims (the other preschool class). The kids made corn bread this morning to take to thier feast. They have been working on thier costumes for the last few weeks in preparation for the feast. They ate cornbread, cornchips, pumpkin pudding, celeray and penut butter and applejuice. It was yummy. The kids gave thanks for thier friends and good food.


Michelle Blanchard said...

Oh my cuteness. Hey I heard Londi got the boot out of her first sunday class? He he, you have to write that down. Your header is lookin good.

miranda said...

Super cute, I love the fun stuff the preschool does.

Aub said...

Look at all the Indians...super cute!