Wednesday, January 31

The Big Yellow School Bus

London got to go on her first fieldtrip yesterday and rode in the Big Yellow School Bus. I was lucky to be able to go also. We went from the preschool to the Library, which was not far, but a blast for the kids. They got to see the library, litsten to some stories, sing songs, and watch a little movie on a big screen. Then we headed out to the park for snack and some playtime and then it was back on the bus. As you can or cant tell from the pics since she was being her normal awnry self, she did have a good time.


JaY said...

Lundi, I used to love going on field trips when I was little. I hope you had a really fun time. Cute pics. Did you like riding on the big yellow bus?

Anonymous said...

Wow London what fun you must have had riding the bus.