Wednesday, January 3

Happy New Year

We finally made it home just in time for the New Year, once we unpacked we repacked to visit my family for the late night celebration. It was a blast, most all of the siblings and thier kids were able to attend. The kids played while the older kids, told stories, ate yummy food, cracked jokes and picked on eachother. The babies crashed before the festivities but the other six children could not wait until midnight. Around 11:30 we watched the Dick Clark's rockin eve special as is tradition and we all gathered in my parents family room, we counted down and then the kids went bazirk with poppers, hats, blowers etc. They ended up going out in the front yard to ring in the new year and to wake up any neighbors who might have forgotten what day it was. It was a blast, my mom had people sleeping in every nook and cranny. The next morning my dad started the year off right with his omlet breakfast with all the fixings. Happy New Year everyone. As far as resolutions of course to do better at physical activity. Thanks to my mom for my Birthday she bought me the infamous pogo ball ( I had one growing up and they called me the pogo queen) anyways it is my new excercise program. I will post some pics in case anyone has no idea what I am talking about.

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Hilary said...

Mmm... this pogo ball sounds interesting...
Happy New Year!
Wanna walk on Friday?