Sunday, February 18

Baby news

Congrats to my little sis on her new baby girl Kylee Pier Black (not sure the spelling on her first name) I will post a pic of her as soon as I get one from them. She was a little thing only a little over 6 pounds and both mom and baby are doing well. I think they ventured home today, we are going to visit later in the week. So I have been thinking about pregnancy since I obiously cannot avoid it and rededicating myself to not going overboard on the whole weight gain. I have always believed that I should and could eat anything I wanted while I was pregnant, it was the only time that I could, but now that we are on baby number three it seems as though the weight is coming on fast so I am trying to be better. Now that Valentines is over and the chocolate and sweets is almost gone I am vowing to reduce my sweet intake and try not to eat all day. Also I am going to walk everyday unless is is raining and do a little pilates/core/kegel routine in the mornings. Hopefully this will all help to reduce the amount of weight gain this time I am going to try not to go over 35 pounds, with London I gained about 60 with Sid I gained about 40 so we will see this time, I am going in on Thursday for a check up so I will weigh in also.

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Hilary said...

Good luck at your checkup!!!! Weight gain during pregnancy is a fickle friend.