Thursday, February 22

Belly Update

So we visitied the doctor today and I have gained 5 lbs. He seems to think that I am fifteen weeks and rescheduled my ultrasound for the next few weeks they are supposed to call and let me know when it is. We got to here the heartbeat and London thought that was cool, she says it sounds like the ocean and thunder. Another update for those who are interested is Mod Bod Clothing. The new Spring Colors are a light blue and hot pink, also they are getting in Swim Suits, they have not got the pics for me yet, so we will see what they look like soon, they also have new Pricing, much closer to Shade and the other competitors, you get a discount if you buy three. Let me know if anyone is interested in hosting a party for free clothes. And I will keep you updated on the belly as soon as I know more. Oh yeah and I am starting to feel the baby move, that is when I have time to sit without someone crawling on me.

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Hilary said...

Yeah, you must be 15 weeks. It's hard to get the heartbeat at 11 weeks, and it's even harder to feel it move, although I have heard of it happening.
How was your fine doctor?