Tuesday, May 1

I have been tagged

So my sister thinks blogging is the best thing in the world now and is playing a getting to know you game and tagged me so it is my turn. Some things you may or may not know about me here goes:

* I am a little obsesive compulsive when it comes to cleaning, and although you may think that it is clean I don't ( I am only this way about my own home though )and like my sister, I do a monthly purge in all my closets ridding myself of clutter. I am also a big scheuler, planner and routine chic.
* I sucked my two middle fingers until I was 21, yes that was even after I was married, it was a big stress reliever for me, now I just clean
* Alhtough I do not often show emotions, I tend to let things build up inside and then usually when I am watching a good show say Grey's, it all comes flowing out the waterworks, Brandon thinks it is just hormones which I am sure that that plays a role, but seriously I never real show emotion, unless I am mad as hell.
* I am super handy and crafty chic I love building stuff, painting, scrapbooking, design, sewing, quilting etc.
Ok that is enough, I know it is nothing that great or juicy but I am pretty boring. Let's see I will tagg Aubrey ( I know you love me) and Michelle Blanchard. You are it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for hummoring me Janelle. I always knew you hid your emotions. At least you can get them all out with a good show!

JaY said...

You are far from boring. You failed to mention your endless energy. You are alwyas buzzing around doing something.

Emily and Brian said...

Janelle -- Does Janae have a blog?