Monday, July 23

Belly Update

I am officially 33 weeks and two days and have gained a total of 23.5 pounds. Other than that nothing is really going on with the belly except that she is constantly moving. Thank goodness I am married to a chiropractor. I am carrying this baby so low that the back pain has been the worst with this pregnancy. Brandon and his team (Other interns and the clinicians at the school) Have come up with great techniques to ease the pain, and I am loving getting pampered at home and at the clinic. Any of you prego's who are in dire need of some back relief let me know, I know someone who can help!!! I do have some fun stuff to post just have not had time to upload the videos and such.


Kevin & Chelsey said...

Glad everything is moving along nicely for you. We are coming for a visit this weekend and if you are not busy it would be fun to get together.

Chabot House of Pink! said...

You are a very cute prego! Glad you can get some relief from the back pain!

Mike & Darsi Pound said...

I am glad you are having fun putting your hubby to work :)I love being able to have Mike take care of me too. Hey, I always mean to ask and always forget to- if you ever need help let me know! I would be happy to have the girls come play with pup :)