Sunday, July 1

Fishing Trip to Powell

Brandon had the urge to go fishing at Lake Powell and since it is only an hour away the boys and London packed up and left Thursday evening. They had a successful trip and London was a trooper. The fish did not start biting until the sunset around 8:30 and then it was catch after catch. London even caught a few on her Dora pole. She had to help the guys becuase they were catching them so fast, she had to hold one pole, while the guys were getting the fish off the other. She was a tough cookie and held out all the way until midnight when they finally packed up and came home. She was exhuaseted the next day but had a good time.


Nette said...

Way to go London. This will help my kids get more excited about fishing. We will have to wait until we go to Lake powell because it is too dangerous to go near aour lakes right now.

Anonymous said...

Goooo London, you will have to come back and show Grandpa Phillips how its done. Glad you guys are having lots of fun.Miss your phone calls.

Aub said...

What a trooper! I think it's funny how she goes from her hair curled and looking like a model at the wedding to holding these fish and helping the guys.