Sunday, August 5

Happy Birthday

Sydney is officially two today, we had her birthday party yesturday down at the pool. She had a blast and crashed that night at around 5:30 without dinner. She is such a big girl. She is officially potty trained and went to nursery today without any tears, she even got to go into the big kids nursery. She is saying lots of words and phrases, loves to dance and play with her sister. I can't believe that she is two, it seems as though I just had her, and here I am about to have another one, my how time flies.


Anonymous said...

You are awesome. You know I bawl my head off everytime I watch one of these videos. I'm just so grateful for all your hard work in blogging so that Den and I can enjoy the grandkids even though they are so far away. THANKS!!!! We love you guys, Mom and Dad "B"

Hilary said...

OMG, can't believe how big she's getting.
What sweetie.
She's in the big kids nursery?
That's just crazy talk. She and S can get their groove on together.

Brit said...

How cute is Syd?! I can't believe she's two already! I remember the day we came by to see her when you brought her home from the hospital. Ethan's 2nd birthday is right around the corner. How fun!