Monday, August 27

Just an Update

Sorry no pics today, just an update on how things are going. I have not gained anymore weight, I think I am at 27 pounds (yeah for me smallest pregnancy yet) and hope the baby is as big as the girls were and then I won't have to work toooo hard at loosing any weight. Brandon had a busy week with tests and patient load so Let's hope the baby waits at least to the weekend. I have been having contractions for two weeks now but nothing that sticks or progresses. If I have a really busy day, I cannot walk by the end of it due to back and pelvic pain. I am suppper supper tired and am trying to keep the girls busy so that they are not bored and mad at me for being stuck in the apt. when it is so nice outside. London starts school and soccer next week. We will see how that goes with just having a baby and running around everywhere. I am still working on organising Sids preschool and that should be starting up in the next few weeks also. That is what is going on. Hopefully Brandon can get wirelss conection at the hospital when the time comes so we can update our blog on our new arrival.

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JaY said...

Hurry up baby Cairo. We want to see you. We also want your mommy to feel better so please come soon.