Monday, September 10

Sydney's first day of preschool

Sydney was such a big girl today as we dropped London off at her school and then headed over to the Eve's house for Sydney's preschool. She loved doing playdough, did well for circle time and then was ready for snack. By that time I had to go and run errands (Target and Trader Joes)before picking up London and then heading back over to get Syd. Kim said she did well and did not fuss too much when she realised I was gone, yeah for Syd for being such a good girl. Today they talked about thier names and decorated thier special bins (a tub that we put all thier stuff in at drop off and thier crafts in at pick up). Most importantly the kids got to know eachother outside of church nursery and get used to the preschool schedule. During all my running around this morning I was also able to go to my last Dr. apt. If I do not go in on my own I am scheduled to be induced on Wed. That is right Hillary, I am pretty sure you will be working so you are lucky enough to have me as a patient. Hopefully we can stil be friends, oh yeah and by the way did I mention I would looooove to have a private recovery room ( I am hoping you can pull some strings for me). At least by the end of the week we should have baby Cairo here.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Syd. You are such a big girl. We can't believe you are already going to preschool. HAVE FUN!!! We love you, G. & G. "B"

Hilary said...

awh Syd... growing up so FAST!!!!
Janelle, it would be my honor to slap you while you're freaking out... no, my pleasure. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Sid you are such a big girl and by the end of the week no only will you be a pre-schooler but you will also be a big sister YEAHHHHH!
Love Gramie and Grandpa.

Nette said...

Go Syd shes are girl. Big kids rock the world.
Yeah baby Cairo everyone that gets a chance to hold Cairo has to talk about Auntie Nette.

JaY said...

Sydney you are such a big girl. I hope you enjoy preschool as time to learn and time with friends. Have fun getting to be a big sissy for the first time this week. Yeah for Sydney.