Thursday, September 27

Trying to be Creative

I was trying to be creative and grab some shots of baby Cairo for her announcement and this is what I came up with. For some reason my camera is on the fuzz side, it is probably me so I asked my sister n law Aubrey to help take some pics (those are not on here though)We had a good time trying to get little Cairo to cooperate for the poses.


Hilary said...

Awh... LOVE those wings, very cool.
Maybe bump-up your ISO, I almost always shoot newborns at 1600 ISO (since you're usually inside, blah, blah, blah).... add a little fairy dust to those pictures though, and they'd be worth some moola. :)
What a cutie.
I want to get a pet bed, but a lot of my friends shoot with beanbags... if you have one, lay her in it and give it a try!

Mike & Emily said...

You have to go with the butterfly! Cute other ones...classic, but LOVE the butterfly!

Tristan said...

Absolutely darling!! I think they turned out great! Fun stuff!

Aub said...

The one with her laying on the wings is my favorite. I'll e-mail you the other ones later today.

cblack1 said...

so beautiful janelle. I love the wings what a great idea