Tuesday, January 22

All About Me

So she think these days, she has been a handfull, she has to have all attention all the time and if she does not she is a meanie, kicking, spitting, jumping on furniture, scraming etc, until she gets attention, little does she know I do not play that game and just keep ignoring her. It is taking a while but I think she is starting to realise that she gets my attention by being good and helping around the house and helping her sisters. At her preschool she had a field trip to the ice rink and for only skating a few times prior to this she did really well, by the time we were done we were racing each other to the wall. She aslo had an all about me day at school since we only have two weeks left of Laurelwood preschool before she ends the year early this is what she shared.


JaY said...

Lundi, you are getting so big I can't believe you are almost done with your very LAST year of preschool. You are soon to be a big kindergardener. I love and miss you so much. Adrie watched your video of you skating and she was laughing and waving at you.

scrumches bunches said...

Wow London great skating, looks like lots of fun, good job recording and skating at the same time Janelle.

What a fun pre-school class London.

Michelle Blanchard said...

London, I am so impressed with your skating! YOU are way better than me!

I love that she is LOVING her teacher read that! Too funny. I forget how young she still is cause she is so stinkin smart.

And lets not say how you are moving so soon. (Me crying)

cblack1 said...

That is so cute. I love how well she did Ice skating and the way that she looked at the camera when her teacher was reading about her. she looked like you

Katrice Phipps said...

Good job London!!!!