Wednesday, February 6

My Thoughts

I know a little late, but I was on the fence about writing anything partly becuase Phophet Hinckley was such a humble man, and all the attention was just uncharacteristic of him. Then I saw this video on Aub's blog she obtained from U tube and was in tears. I was not crying becuase I was sad of him leaving this earth but beucase the love he had for everyone and the love he had for Jesus Christ was so aparant my eyes started to swell up. Many of you heard my testimony on Sunday but for those of you who did not, I shared a touching experience that happened. I was working in London's preschool class the Monday after hearing the news of his passing. Ms. Discher asked the children if anything had happened over the weekend that they wanted to share. London had shared her experience of going to the Auarium with her family and some other kids had shared what they had done, and then little Alli Henderson shared that Prophet Hinckley had died. London had commented to Alli that she had heard that too. Bless Ms. Discher's heart she was trying to figure out who she was talking about, all the while London and Alli were sharing thier love the Prophet and talking to one another about it. It was a touching moment for me to know that London does have a small but simple testimony of a loving prophet. I too have that testimony and am greatful for all the prophets in the past who have laid a foundation for the gospel. I am so greatful for Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, who was ordained while I was in my teen years. I am greatful for his example and lovingness, I am greatful for the light of Christ in is eye and his smile. He was a true deciple of Christ and made so many things possible for the gospel to continue to go forward with faith. I am greatful for a church that believes in modern day revelation and for the righteous men who are called of God to serve willingly and deligently to proclaim the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. As the years have gone by, we realize just how much we love you and B and your little family. May Heavenly Father continue to bless each one of you, that you will enjoy many spiritual experiences that will strengthen your testimonies!!! We love you. Mom and Dad "B"

Mike & Emily said...

Thank you for that. That was very sweet to watch. I miss him.

scrumches bunches said...

Thanks Janelle for sharing your thoughts with us. The way you felt when you heard London and Alli talking about the Prophet is the same way that we feel whenever we see or hear of the gospel experiences that all of you kids share with us and even more so when the grandkids have a spiritual moment. It is very comforting to watch our children teach their children the gospel. I have enjoyed sharing a couple of evenigs watching you and London read the scriptures before bedtime. It is obvious she is not just doing it for the stickers but she is attentive and really listens to the stories. I commend you on your consistancy with this and what an example for Syd and Cairo.