Saturday, March 29

Calling all ladies... my first giveaway

It is that time of year again, to spruce up our homes for spring cleaning but also to spruce up our wardrobes. Yes this means I am having not one but two Mod Bod parties this month. I thought I would try and give the giveaway thing a shot to see how many responses I get. The winner of the giveaway will own thisit is the perfect tank from the modbod, it is great for wearing under shirts that may be too short or show too much cleavage but do not leave you tooo hot or to cramped under the arms with a sleeve. The winner can choose the size as well as the color. If you do not win and still want to order stuff check out all the new digs at Then just email me your order. Tell all your friends!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rules for the Giveaway:
*You have until midnight MST on Thursday, April 3th to enter this giveaway.
*Just make a comment ON THIS POST to enter — any comment.
*Anonymous comments will be ignored. If you do not have a blog account, choose "Name/URL" .
*One entry per person, please.
*The winner will be randomly picked and announced Friday morning.


Carly said...

Ooh me, ooh me! Love ya Janelle and hope all is well with your fam. Sounds like things are looking up. I am going to head on over to the website now to check out the new goods.

Mike & Emily said...

Fun! I'm in!

Brian & Emily said...

Fun! Pick me:) We're so excited that you guys will be closer to us! we'll have to get together when you get settled:) Congratulations on the house and the practice and EVERYTHING!

Phillips Six said...

pick me, pick me, I totally need something new in my wardrobe.


Nette said...

You don't have to pick me but I love it. How do you find time to do this when your in between houses right now. Love ya

scrumches bunches said...

Pick Me Pick Me (what movie is that from?)lol great sales pitch.

Brit said...

I love Mod Bod!!! Count me in!

Khara Dimick said...

Hi Janelle,
I am so glad everything is going great for you. I hope you and your family are happy!I am happy I was able to meet you and hang out a couple of times before you moved. You are so fun. Khara.