Friday, March 21

St. Patricks Day

I know I am catching up, I have not had time to sit and post so here was our fun preschool/St. Patricks day. The girls made these amazing hats and we made a leprachaun (sp?) trap. After lunch and after a nap we headed out to look for the lucky little fellow. We set our trap out on the grass while we looked for shamrocks with our magnifying glasses. We looked and we looked and we could not find anything, we checked our trap and did not find anything. We headed back inside a little disapointed to find the front room turned upside down. Turns out the leprachaun snuck in when we were out looking for him and made a mess in our front room but he did leave us some candy and some coins. Thanks leprachaun for the magical day.


Hilary said...

Those crazy leprechans.

scrumches bunches said...

Wow how lucky and yet so close to seeing him what fun.

Katrice Phipps said...

Jacqueline made a leprachan trap one year. We didn't catch him either!