Friday, April 25

Giveaway Update

Sorry for all my readers who were expecting a winner today. It will have to wait until the weekend or maybe the begining of next week. We had a little family emergency Grandma Great (Grace, the one Sydney is named after) had to go into the hospital. Her heart started acting up a little and is not on a regular rythym beat and her blood pressure sky rocketed. As far as today her blood pressure is back down to normal but her heart is not. She is in good spirits and got some rest and is doing better today. Brandon has been with her the whole time except for overnight. He is with her at the hospital today awaiting the cardiologist to determine what to do. So as for now I am trying to finish up ModBod orders from the party last night and then I will pick a winner so keep checking back in. I will announce it soon.


Katrice Phipps said...

I hope she's ok. I will say a prayer!

Mike & Emily said...

Sorry to hear that Janelle! Best wishes and prayers to your family!