Friday, April 18

We all love a good product...

Here is a great product that we have found. It is called Body Balance and it is a liquid vitamin. We have used it for the last few months, all of us, even the kiddos. We have found that we have more energy, the kids have not gotten as sick (if any one remembers Sid and how she constantly was sick cough, croop, snotty nose) and Cairo our 7 month old now has not had one major cold since she has been born, it is amazing, yes we even give it to our infant baby. The kids call it thier BB's and have it every morning before breakfast. If you are interested let me know Brandon is providing it to his patients as part of his Chiropractic Practice we have lots of bottles I would love to get rid of around here. As usual just email me at if you are interested.

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