Monday, August 11

Swiming Lessons

This year since we no longer live at the pool, I signed the girls up for swimming lessons (thanks mom, they were perfect birhtday gifts) The girls both past thier classes and are ready for the next level next year. Although London was a pretty good swimmer she learned a lot of good swimmer safety and techniques, were Sydeny learned to just get in the pool and walk around all by herself, put her head under the water and hold on to the side and walk along. Highlights of classes were lifejacket day, where London could put on her life jacket and jump off the diving boards yes the high and the low, this girl has no fear. And Sydney went down the slide. I am so proud of my girls and how confident they felt in thier classes.

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Aub said...

Looks like fun! I'm glad that Sydney is doing so well with the lessons. I need to get Riley in them due to the fact that he's not afraid of water anymore and is getting too adventurous.