Wednesday, September 3

Jammin it Up!!!

Yes it is true I live in Utah, I have a garden, and I am canning my own goodness. I had a lovely lady in our ward drop by the house and give me a huge box of fresh organic peaches. After a night of cobbler, peach crisp and giving several out to friends I decided to break down and make jam. This I had never done before, my mom said she used to can but that must have been before I was old enough to remember. I bought my necessities (jars, lids, pectin, big pot and canning rack) I then googled how to make jam and can it easy enough I found a good sight I think it was a blog actually that had step by step easy instructions. I spent a Saturday making jam, turns out I have 19 jars well 18 now becuae London loves to have toast in the morning with mommies jam on it. I have to say I am proud of myself and my next feat is making salsa.

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Knight knughts said...

I love canning. We do applesauce. We haven't had a good garden here in TX yet. But once a year we can get Apples for 50 cents a lb so we buy big and make applesauce. i want some of your goods.