Monday, December 22

Last Minute Projects

So I am finishing up some last minute projects before Christmas. The girls are getting a painting eisle from thier grandparents so I thought it would be cute if they had matching smocks. Well I found a pattern but when I started sewing it, it looked more like a kitchen apron and did not cover very much, so this is what I came up with, I mixture of my matierial and hand towels. I still have one more to make, London is Pink. The purple is Syds and the yellow is Cairo's.


Abby said...

Very cute. I am not a seamstress. In home ec in school the teacher wouldn't let me near a sewing machine because I broke two of them. I don't know how I did. But I love the colors. Very creative.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find the time? Do you sleep? Do your girls let you sew? I am jealous.

Lorien said...

They turned out so cute! Hope Christmas was good for you and your fam. See ya soon!