Saturday, February 7

Done, Well Almost

So if you have not looked in a while, go and check out my site. I have finally put all of my work (not that it is super good, definately a work in progress) I am not really trying to sell anything, just finding a forum to record what I have done. If anything comes out of it great but really I never new how much I enjoyed photography. I am going to spoil myself for Valentines Day and get the Christmas present I really wanted but did not get. From doing some research and talking with fellow photo gurus I think I am going with a Cannon although I am having a hard time between the Cannon and the Nikkon, any last input on that, I would love to here. I cannot wait to have a real camer, everything I have done so far has been with a little point and shoot digital (5.1 px) and a lot of editing in photoshop. I do plan on taking a few classes, for better technique but mostly for fun. I have not done anything in a while but can't wait for my new toy and to get my hand on my girls. If you would like to, place a comment below, and place my widget in your sidebar, I will think of some great giveaway for you, maybe a free blog design, card design, practice photo shoot, you let me know. Thanks for all the love.
To put this in your sidebar just copy the following codes. In your dashboard go to layout. Add element in sidebar, add html/javascript. Paste this code, add < in front of lines 1 and 2 and voila. You have my widget. (if there is an easier way someone please tell me, blogger does not let you really cut and paste anymore)

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Hilary said...

Site looks great!
I think it's a toughie between the two. Honeslty, I went with CAnnon because that's what most of my friends have. It's been the right choice for me, because we can discuss it together - and learn together. That's my only advice. :)