Wednesday, June 17

Thanks to my Hubby

So I know I still have a lot of catching up to do on this blog but I could not let another day pass without expressing to B how much I appreciate him and how much my love for him grows more each day. I can honestly say I love him more today than I did the day we were married. He and the girls suprised me with this adorable bouquet of flowers on Saturday after a crzy week with friends and family. I had gotten home the day before and was trying to get caught up on the things I had left (work, laundry, work, cleaning house, work) so he took the girls for the morning and hung out with them at home while I headed to the office to get some paperwork done, as I came home I saw him leave ( I thought that is wierd where would he be going, Cai should be asleep) so I called him and he told me to go inside and then call him back. Sitiing on my table was a vase full of cheer. Cai had woken up early and he decided to treat the girls to an afternoon at the park. We then later headed up the mountain to do some fishing. It was successful and we even brought one home to fry and the girls scarffed it up.

Thanks B for being the best. The best hubby, best dad, best friend, best business partner, best fishing buddy, best dr. best cozy buddy. I love you!!!!


cblack1 said...

Ah what a sweet heart. It makes it easier to go about the day

scrumches bunches said...

You are lucky and we too are thankful for Brandon and all that he does for you and the girls, he is truly a great guy and we love and appreciate him.

Michelle Blanchard said...

hey girl, sorry i haven't called u back yet. I am moving this week into my moms and am so stressed i want to cry..u know how it is. But that pic of the girls kissing makes my heart melt. They r so beautiful.
London, I am so proud of you for graduating from kindergarten! You are such a smart beautiful fun talented girl. Me and Markie miss you tons!! love, us

jblack said...

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