Saturday, October 10

Still Here

It has probably been six months since my last post. What is wrong with me. Nothing I hope just super busy. After having a great bgining to summer things quickly turned very busy. I started working in our office in the afternoons, we moved to a beautiful new home and with the passing of our grandma great in the middle of everything we have had little time to get on the computer and post about it. But as fall is here it seems as though things are settling down or I am just finally getting the hang of my busy life. London is in first grade, Syd goes to preschool three times a week, Cairo is my little shadow who is still not talking a whole lot. Brandon is now my official partner at work and well home, it is nice to be in a bigger space and warmer for the cold Utah winters. I will try to keep up to date from now on and then recap on some of the things we missed.

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Carly said...

You guys moved to a new place? So fun. Can't wait to hear more about it. Could you email your new address to me?