Tuesday, January 19

Sick Day

For those I talk to on a reg. basis know that I have been a single mom for the past four days. B went to a Chiropractic Conference in Vegas (Thanks to the Blanchards for letting the boys crash at thier pad). Everyday he was gone the girls would beg to talk to thier dad all day long and I do not know how many times the quesiton "When is daddy coming home" was asked. He arrived home on Sunday night thank goodness. The girls clung to him like syran wrap and I was glad to have a break. Later that night our CA (Chiropractic Assistant and my life saver) calls to inform me that her son is sick and she has no one to be home with the kids until 9:00 (the kids had no school on Mon) On a normal day this would be fine as our schedule in the morning usually consists of dropping kids off at school swinging by the post office to collect any payments that may have come in and pop into the office to help out and do some paperwork. Unfortunately an hour after I talked to her London starts puking her guts out. YEAH we have the stomach flu. I sent the family to bed and London and I hung out, me on the coach and her on the floor on a make shift bed (old crib mattress) I spent all night rubbing the poor girls back, it seemed to be the only thing that helped. Needless to say I did not go into work on Mon. Thanks goodness our CA was able to get in later that morning and help out and we made it through the day.

(Regarding this photo not sure if it is Photobucket? Hopefully nothing is wrong with my camera, it looked fine in Photoshop anyone know if Photobucket is having issues?)

Although we hate sick days here are some things I was thankful for:
To be a mom and comfort my kids when they need it
Did not have to work (at least not during the day, I went in later to catch up on paper work)
Deep Cleaned my entire house (seriously spring cleaned in Jan)
Took a Nap
Talked on the phone to loved ones (Thanks Dad for reminding me that these are the good old days)

So for all you working moms out there what do you do when your kids are sick?

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scrumches bunches said...

Awwwww London I's sorry you were sick. You look so sad. You have such a good mommie to give you a back rub all night. I hope you appreciate all she does for you.
Love You xoxoxox