Monday, March 29

The Gilrs

Just as a side note, while I am writing this post I am also, cleaning my house, making fajitas from dinner, helping London with her homework and also getting the other girls in the tub so we can eat get in our jammies and head up the canyon for some easter egg dying at a friends house for family home evening.

So here is my new header for a while anyways. These are the girls in thier Easter outfits although you cannot see them very well. I am going to try and get better pics outside this weekend if the weather cooperates. The funny thing is my sister and her girls have the same dresses. We happened to be shopping together and while I was picking out dresses in the older girls dept. she was picking out dresses in the little girl dept. and they just so happened to be the same ones. (this happens a lot, you would think we were twins or something)

These pics are for my sister. I made what I think are adorable headbands for my girls to make thier outfits all kind of go together and match. I figured I would be nice and if she wants some I would make them but I thought I would put them up here for her to check out.


scrumches bunches said...

Way to go with multi tasking Janelle. The headbands are very cute and so are the pics. You know I do need new pics on the wall.

cblack1 said...

Super cute I think I would only do one for HAiden because it wont look right on Kylie with her hair and Laikyn wont keep it on

Emily said...

love those! You could sell them!

JaY said...

They aren't even little anymore. I have to stop looking at your blog until I am less hormonal. It's making me too sad.