Monday, May 10

Easter Day

Here are some pics from Easter Sunday, we were all a little drained from our Easter Adventures and from wathcing and listening to Conference. Plus Janae and her crew were starting to not feel so well. But I was not going to let a photo op go by especially since all the girls were dolled up. Unfortunately I did not get a great pic of all of them but I managed to sneak a photo of all of them somewhat together for my mom!! The prego pics are so so, Janae was not feeling so hot, I was tired and I edited them a little crzy feeling different today!!Photobucket





cblack1 said...

I like them your getting really good at capturing just what needs to be seen. Haidens smile kills me. her teeth remind me of mine when I was little

Katrice Phipps said...

They are all so cute!