Monday, May 10

Random Thoughts

So we had a great Mother's Day weekend. We took a trip down to Blanding but we also took in some sights. We headed to Arches National Park in Moab for a little adventrue and some great picture taking (pics to come soon). Brandon and I were able to get some free time and see a movie. Thanks to his parents we ate good food all weekend. And the girls had a blast hanging out with gma and gpa and playing outside. Brandon and the girls did treat me with some new earings, money to spend on whatever I want and a cala lilly plant for the yard.

I did have some random thoughts last night. I was watching Brothers and Sisters (anyone else) It is almost the season finale ( I am not a die hard fan but I do enjoy the family dinamics of the show it reminds me of my own family too a point) The whole show was based on the family business that they had worked so hard at for years having to close thier doors. I could not watch and think of my own family especially my parents and all thier hard work. Family business is all I ( I am just speaking for myself my siblings may have a different perspective) ever knew growing up. My Dad has and is still working so hard to keep it running. Although he has scaled back a bit I still remember the good old days when Mom stayed home and took care of the kids, We saw dad after we had already ate, and bathed and got to help him with his boots and hang out in the yard before heading to bed. Packing lunches for not only Dad but brothers and later on husbands who had joined the crew. There was a time when the company took care of everyone and was a safety net if we ever needed it. I can remember as a young girl wanting to work for my dad too ( I guess I felt left out) For some reason he never pushed us too, but I still wish I would have pushed him. I would have loved to have learned the ropes younger of running a business. It was not until years later that I had to step in for a little bit and clean the books up but by then it was almost too late and the economy changed and the business was just not that safety net anymore (this is where the show was so relevant) We had to sell land, equipment, let go of employees, and scale back, mom had to step in and takeover a few things in the office and so forth. But still today they are somehow managing to keep it going just the two of them. But as I look back I am gratefull for the way I grew up and the examples my parents are to me. I always joke I should have known better than to open our own practice. But in all reality there is nothing better than looking at what you have created or accomplished with your own hardwork. There are a few things we are doing different. The kids help, even at the young ages they are they help with filing, bank deposits, cleaning, customer service and a lot of the little things which will hopefully turn into great learning experiences. I guess over all I just want to say thanks to my parents for all of thier hardwork and even thier failures (if you could call them that) so that I could have those learning experiences along the way.


scrumches bunches said...

Thanks Janelle for sharing your thoughts I will definatly have to have Dad read this one. I too like the show I usually watch it but I was wiped out last night and couldn't last that long.

cblack1 said...

so I hope you dont mind but I posted this on my blog for a record. I always have this sme talk with Cameron about my childhood and how much I remember waking up early to see dad off and loving Sundays when we got to see him all day. I feel the same way I am mostley greatful that dad was such a hard worker these are the things you dont realize till you are older.