Friday, January 14

Newest Project

A few months ago, London got her own room. Since then we have been trying to finish it making it a not so baby room but not too grown up teeny bopper either. Then we cam across this in a magazine this mural is actually vinyl stickers.

I did not want the hassle of getting the vinyl on just right so we did this with paint instead!!


It was a lot of work prepping the room since the paint in the house was flat paint. It would flake so bad. We went to Hope Depot to try and match it just right so that I did not have to paint the ceiling and guess what it was way lighter. When I went to paint I taped the ceiling and guess what the paint peeled off the ceiling anyways so that is why some of it is a sky blue. I am still debating if I should just do the whole thing. So here is her mural we may still have some touch ups in the details and along the bottom but you get the idea. Then for Christmas Grandma L found some great fabric and this is what we did with it.




We made curtains, a matching bed skirt and some throw pillow, Mr. Whootie is my fav!! He is actually my Inspiration of the week click here to read more. Here is London chillin in her newly done room with her favortie Christmas present this year. She has just started taking lessons and practices everyday. She has even started writing some lyrics to her own music. I hope she sticks with it. She is super ambitious about it so only time will tell. And the room would not be complete without our petshop portrait!!




scrumches bunches said...

I love the room it is adorable,good job everyone. I totally love the pink guitar. Can't wait to hear her play it.

Knight knughts said...

Joshlynn would love that room she collects owls. Joshlynn is getting her room decorated for her birthday in March. she needs a preteen thing. If you came across anything while doing your searching for London's let me know.

Hilary said...

GOODNESS, that is SO cute Janelle!
Great job.
And who let her get that old? I need to speak to that person.

Aub said...

That room is perfect for her! I think I like just that section of blue on the ceiling. Way to go though with painting that mural instead of going vinyl.

Anonymous said...

Job Well done Love it

Katrice Phipps said...

Super cute room London!

Emily said...

It turned out so cute! You are a talented woman...p.s. love her pink guitar!