Tuesday, October 10

Testimony Builder

So last Sunday was fast and testimony meeting at church. For those who are not members, usually the first Sunday of everymonth is devoted to a special fast and then during Sacrament services, instead of hearing from speakers on a certain gospel topic, members are encouraged to stand and bare their testimonies to the rest of the congregation. There were a few of London's friends who stood up to bare thiers. She asked her dad if she could go up, we asked her if she had a testimony, she responded with all of the things that she was grateful for. Brandon took her up to the pulpit and she did get nervous. Brandon went ahead and bore his, giving London a good example, he then gave her another opportunity to share what was in her heart. She let everyone know that she was greatful for her horney toad and her fish and that she loved her family, her Father in Heaven and Jesus. I was so proud of her for not only standing up in front of such a large group of people but for sharing such a simple testimony of the basics, love for her Father in Heaven, love for family, and love for God's creations. She definately made my testimony grow stronger and my realization of my purpose here on the earth, and the plan of happiness. Have more question about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints visit www.lds.org.

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miranda said...

I loved London's testimony it was really sweet. What a cute girl.