Tuesday, December 5


OK, so I guess I switched over to BETA, but somehow I typed in my email address wrong and so my account was not working correctly, somehow I have two accounts so I have been having trouble signing in to post and leaving comments, so I think I have it figured out now. Thank goodness. I took the girls along with Jay to the Creche exhibit that the church puts on. It was cool to see all the different nativities, we did not get to look at all of them due to little fingers that wanted to explore, but the activities they had for the kids were great. London had fun dressing up as Mary and Sid was a super cute Shepperd and loved putting the baby Jesus in the manger. There was an awesome string puppet show, that surprisingly the kids sat for it was about twenty minutes or so. It was a fun night and a good family home evening activity.


Hilary said...

I've always wanted to go, but we never seem to make it out. We had the miss. for dinner on Mon.

Michelle Blanchard said...

Sounds so fun I am so sad I didnt make it out there. Tell J to pop out that baby. And you have convinced me to switch.