Monday, December 18

We Made It

We survived our 16 hour trip to Utah. Yes people two days of close quarters with the family. Suprisingly the girls did really well. There were however some setbacks and minor detours. We happened to witness a bad car accident not even an hour into our journey. The girl driving in front of us happened to try and pass a car and a semi, but unfortunatley could not get passed the truck and went almost head on with a car going the opposite direction. We stopped to help, seeing as we were right behind her and witnessed the whole thing. Brandon got out and helped calm everyone down and check everyone to make sure they were ok. The girl who caused the accident had a nice gouge on her forhead but seemed to be ok, her car however was totaled. The poor old couple that got hit car seemed somewhat damaged but the older women in the passenger side had neck and chest pain and was taken out in the ambulance. After that minor stop which put us back an hour we headed on and on and on until we just could not drive anymore and could not make it all the way to Great Grandmas house for the night so we stopped at a hotel in Nevada. London was not sure about it at first until she saw the room and thought it was cool that there were beds, tv, bathroom and even an iron. She pretended to be Eloise at the Plaza for those who are familiar with the book/movie. The next day brought us challenges as far as weather. It snowed for about four hours of our trip the second day. But we made it safe and sound thanks to lots of prayer and good kids and lots of patience. I will be posting soon some pics of our trip since Brandon's parents have a camera. Look forward to that.


Hilary said...

I'm so glad you guys made it safely!

Michelle Blanchard said...

Wow what a trip. those doctoe skills r comin in handy! as long as shes not pretending to be Eloise in Paris smoking cigars.

Carly said...

I didn't realize you guys were driving! Yipes you are braver and have more patience than I. Great to here you made it okay. Good luck on the way back!