Tuesday, December 19

Let it Snow!!!

We woke up to about five inches of snow on the ground this morning so we bundled up and went out side. Sid had a hard time walking in the snow but hung in there for about and hour. London had a blast and played for about three hours. We started making a snowman family but did not finish becuase fourwheeling in the snow was too much fun. Then we used the new sleds and went sleding down grandma's front yard. We then made some great snow angels. We were glad that it snowed so we did not have to go find it up on the mountain.


Carly said...

So much fun! Don't you just love the snow when you don't have to live and drive in it all season? I sure do. The kids look so cute in their snow outfits.

Hilary said...

Oh man, my kids would be SO jealous, I'll have to shield the computer from them.
Have fun!