Wednesday, January 31

Pet Perks

Or not so perky. Our pet Horny Toad (markie) is not doing to well. He is in lack of formic acid which he usually gets from the huge Utah ants. THis means he is super lathargic and not feeling so well. Brandon baited some sugar ants and force fed him in hopes that will get him by until the ants we ordered get here. Because he has not been feeling well he is not eating his normal diet of crickets and therefore the crickets that we thought he ate, escaped and are now underneath my carpet in the hallway and we here them everynight. We have been forcing them up to the surface with rubing alcohol and we get one everytime, but we still here the sound of the crickets everynight for the last three nights, needless to say, I am not sleeping well.


JaY said...

Hang in there HT. Stinkin' crickets anyway.

Carly said...

That is hilarious! Be careful with those crickets, my young women's teacher got one stuck in her ear and it almost pierced her eardrum. Not to scare you or anything! Sorry

Matt & Becky said...

Ok - that stinks about Markie and the crickets keeping you awake, but it is also so hilarious that the crickets escaped and are living under your carpet! What a funny story.