Wednesday, January 24

Ice Ice Baby

For those who did not know, I come from a hockey family, my oldest brother played for about 17 years and my Dad coached for some of it. Neddless to say my other siblings and I were rink rats. My older brother has carried the tradition on with his own family of rink rats. Here is a video clip of my nephew Tyson's 5th birthday party. It was held at the Oakland Ice Center. London had fun skating with her cousins. Sydney went around the rink half way with my Dad and the other half with me, she was not all that thrilled. London did a couple of laps and was frustrated even took off her skates. Then the rink sectioned off a part for the party and let us have our own space, so she decided to put her skates back on. She was able to take out a chair and skate with it to help with balance. The kids did relay races with the little ones for some Birthday fun. Some fo the older kids (Jackie,Cam and Aubrey) got on skates, way to go. It was a fun day.


Mike & Emily said...

London you are such a great skater!
So fun!!!

JaY said...

I love the clip of her pushing the chair. Good job Lundi.

Michelle Blanchard said...

Janelle, she looks so old in this clip. It even makes me sad she is growing so fast.