Sunday, March 25

Vacation Day #2 and 3

Vacation day 2 and 3 were spent up in the Redwood Forests near Half Moon Bay outside the little town of Pescadero with about five families. The girls had a blast doing all the fun camping stuff. We set up our tent and then headed out on a nature walk through the big tees and moss (which Sid liked growling at) and banana slugs. We got back and started our campfire, roasted hotdogs, made smores and then set the kids off to Bed. It got cold and uncomfortable during the night on our Queen sized air mattress with all of us on it. It rained all night and the girls did better than Brandon and I did. THe girls were up giggling at 6:30 in the morning. At about 7 we made another campfire and made pancakes, bacon and eggs. We cleaned up camp and headed to the beach. This was the best beach for tidepooling that we have discovered so far. There were so many tidepools and stuff to explore. The kids had fun getting soaked and the boys had fun finding creatures including Mr. crab. We had tons of fun and can't wait for our next adventure.


Hilary said...

That looks VERY fun. I'll have to find-out more about that from you. Kids have Friday off, maybe we'll go up there!

Michelle Blanchard said...

I love the header

Aub said...

I love the new header!