Friday, March 23

Vacaton Day #1

Yeah Brandon is done with another quarter of school and things went well after it was all said and done. He is officially outpatient ready, so if anyone is interested in Chiropractic care let us know. Today we had the gilrs dance recital and then we just chilled, decided to go on a walk and try to fly our kites but it was not all that windy, but it was warm so we headed back home to put on our suits and take a dive in our bathtub warm pool. We had fun swimming with our dad and going weeee as Syd says as she jumps into the pool.


Aub said...

Yeah for Brandon! You know you can always count on Josh for a patient. So glad to see you guys relaxing as a family! The girls must love it.

Andy said...

I can't believe that you guys are back in the pool already! I'm so jealous. Congrats Brandon!