Friday, August 10

Oakland Zoo Adventrue

We headed out for an adventure yesturday to the Oakland Zoo, we were lucky enough to have such great friends The Hendersons, who got is in with thier pass. Jay and Adrie joined us as well and we had a girlie day at the zoo. We were much entertained by the monkey as you can tell from the video and the giraffe was enough to send me into labor, he was hilariously trying to get a drink, I was dying, I thought his legs were going to break as he just kept spreading them to get lower to the water. I wondered why they did not just bend thier knees, and B said that if they did they would probably tip forward, when I thought about that I died laughing even harder. The girls had a blast and were pooped out by the time it was over and were super crabby in the car half way home until they just gave up and went to sleep. I was so worn out from the day that I treated myself to a fountain drink full of refreshing crushed ice while they slept in the car.


Anonymous said...

I love your header. Oh yeah My freind Courtney told me about your encounter with her sister in- law

Anonymous said...

I love the sound effects. The girls seemed to be having lots of fun.