Thursday, October 11

An Eventfull Day

Thank goodness for great friends. A bunch of us headed out for an adventure today. We took our little ones on a fun train ride and then out to lunch. I did not tell London until this morning in case we had a crazy morning and we did not make it. I left the houseat 9:45 to make the 10:20 train, I thought I had plenty of time. As I am driving to the station the time just flys and I am not sure if we are going to make it by the time I unload everyone and pack them to the station. So I call my gal pal to see if they are already there, which they were and the great friends that they are they scored me a rockin parking spot, got my parking ticket for me and helped me with the kids and to get our tickets so we could enjoy in on the great day. Thanks gals for helping out and making the day so fun for my little ones, and thanks to Cairo for being such a good sport. It was a fun experience for the girls and the food was yummy.


Hilary said...

Very fun day.... I would agree.
So glad you made it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank oodness for wonderful friends. Good for you getting out so much with all the girls. P.S Their outfits are tottaly cute.

Nette said...

Thank you to all the people that are there to help you. I get to do that for all of my friends here. I am glad that you are able to take a part in events like that.