Wednesday, November 28

O Chirstmas Tree

Here is the fam picking out our tree. We love going and cutting down our own, it is tradition in both of our fams and one we want to share with our kids. Although our kids were sick we drug them to the Santa Cruz mountains and ventured out at Black Family Farms to find out tree. It took some time and then we just decided to get the next perfect one we saw, we were done with being picky. It turned out to be a great tree and the girls had a blast decorating. I almost wish the night could have lasted a little bit longer, the magic of christmas is so fun, and even funner when you experience it through your kids. There was much debate about who got to put the star on, and we decided it was Sid's turn this year. We decorated the tree ate Pizza and watched Santa Clause 3 (such a cute movie) It was a great night.


cblack1 said...

Oh my heck I love your hair. What a great makeover to help you feel good. Oh and by the way I cant beleive that you just had your third kid. You look great. That gives me hope for our third. Love ya. P.S. No more blogging all that mushy stuff. It makes me sad.

ArleeFaye said...

How Fun...I love christmas time, and getting a real tree is a must!! You look absolutely the hair!!

Becky said...

What a great tradition to cut down your own tree. Decorating the house for Christmas really is a special time - we had a few casualities with our ornaments and Ben, but it was a fun evening. As for the hair - I think you can pull off any color.. you look great, as usual!